About Envi

The Network Powering Newmarket's Future

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The Town of Newmarket has long realized the importance
of broadband as critical infrastructure for the community.

100% Community Owned Network

In 2014, Newmarket began developing a broadband plan as an Economic Development strategy. Powering the community with an ultra-high speed fibre network better connects the Town, its businesses and the community to the rest of the world. Our belief is that by investing locally in Broadband infrastructure, the benefits come in the form of new employers, jobs, buildings and economic growth. Using our own fibre network to help build Smart Health, Smart Energy, Smart Government, Smart Buildings and other Smart offerings, will improve the quality of life for the entire community.


"Envi is supporting a connected community that fosters innovation for smart and sustainable planning, growth and economic development"

Our Mission

Powering the future of Newmarket by connecting our town, businesses, and community together through an affordable, reliable, 100% community owned, true fibre to the business network.

Our Vision

Creating a high-tech digital hub in the Newmarket community, enabling a Smart City built for the future.

Our Values

Delivering on our Promises
Exceeding Expectations
Enhancing Community Collaboration
Enabling Digital Inclusion
Continually Innovating

Reinvesting Local: The Smart City

Envi will reinvest profits locally and focus on the local customer needs. By joining our network, you are helping to reinvest in your community. Together we can create the Newmarket of the future and become a leading Canadian Smart City.

Our support team is here to answer any questions!

+1 (888) 515-ENVI (3684)