Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer all the most common questions about ENVI. If you don't see your question here, reach out to us.

General Questions

What is ENVI Network?

ENVI Network is a Municipally-owned Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing internet services to Newmarket businesses and eventually to residents.

Where is Envi available?

ENVI is building the primary routes for the network as quickly as possible. From core routes, we will build fibre into our neighbourhoods, eventually covering the entire community.

Initially, ENVI will provide services to government and commercial businesses, and eventually providing services to the residential market.

Who owns ENVI?

Newmarket Hydro Holdings Inc.

Why does the Town own ENVI?

Newmarket began exploring an ultra-high high-speed network over 4 years ago to provide a digital infrastructure as part of its Economic Development Strategy. The Town brought in broadband network consultants, the Sandel Group to undertake an economic development impact study. That led to a Gigabit Broadband Pilot Network Business Plan where ENVI Network was born.

ENVI will position the Town to:

- Drive Economic Development

- Deploy Smart City Applications

- Establish a Profitable Fibre Broadband Network

- Enable Competitive Advantage

- Provide a Better Quality of Life

- Enable the Town to Control Its Own Destiny

Do other cities have their own ISP?

Municipalities across the globe are establishing their own fibre broadband networks. In Ontario those include Stratford, Sarnia, Mississauga, Hamilton, Kingston, Toronto Waterfront and others.

Don't the incumbent ISPs provide adequate service for our businesses and residents already?

Many studies and market surveys identified significant gaps in internet service levels in Newmarket offered by the current providers. ENVI will augment those and provide a more competitive services environment for its businesses and residents.

What municipal models did the Town look at in order to create ENVI Network's business model?

St. Louis, Kansas City, Chattanooga, Stratford, Sarnia, Mississauga, Hamilton, Kingston, Toronto, Amsterdam, and Olds Alberta to mention a few.

What is the business model?

ENVI is a For-Profit Internet Services Provider (ISP) offering internet and related services to business, government and eventually residential customers. ENVI will likely offer future ISP services such as Telephone and Video on Demand.

What happens to the profits of ENVI?

We plan to reinvest ENVI profits into our community broadband network to expand geographic coverage and enhance our services.

Why should the Town compete with the private Telco providers by creating ENVI Network?

ENVI will allow the Town to achieve its Economic Development goals. Investment by the incumbents do not match the needs of our community.

Newmarket intends to be a Smart City leader and requires next generation connectivity at better prices to achieve that goal. High-speed fibre optic broadband provides the foundation to support Smart City applications.

What is a Smart City and how will ENVI help create one?

A Smart City uses connecting technology, government and open data, process and people to improve systems, services for its citizens.

Smart projects in Healthcare, Healthy Living and Recreation, Energy, Transportation, Government Services, Security, Water and Sewage, and WIFI all require a robust broadband network to connect sensors and transmit large amounts of data.

Technical Questions

Why a 100% Fibre Network?

Optical fibre is hundreds of times faster than DSL, cable or wireless systems. And while the cable and phone companies’ networks may be partially fibre, ENVI will be fibre all the way to your building. That means no bottlenecks or slowdowns like those that can occur on older technologies.

Our network is entirely 100% built on fibre-optic technology, enabling the fastest speeds available. We are providing a true fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) connection for all of our customers. This leading-edge infrastructure offers significant performance improvements over pre-existing copper and cable infrastructures.

What internet speeds are available on ENVI?

ENVI is built to provide the highest speeds available, up and down. Our standard offering can expand to 1Gbps, shaped to the speed you require. Larger offerings are available and can scale up to 10 Gbps speeds synchronous.

What is the demarcation point for ENVI's service?

The customer is provided with a fibre demarcation device which can be an Ethernet handoff from a media converter or a connection directly to an ENVI provided device. The demarcation provides an ENVI-internal IP address that can be monitored for troubleshooting.

Can I trust the integrity of ENVI's fibre network?

The ENVI Network is built to a Carrier Class standard, similar to the biggest Carriers. The switching infrastructure is state-of-the-art, and will manage geographically diverse, redundant routes from our customers to the internet.

All of this is monitored, managed and supported by our 24/7 Network Operations Centre.

How many static IP’s are included with ENVI's Internet service?

One IPV4 Static IP address is included, as well as a /56 IPV6 block if required. Additional IP addresses can be purchased.

How are bursting fees calculated?

Speeds in excess of the minimum are monitored and measured via 95th percentile billing. The monthly fee will be the aggregate total of the minimum plus the overage charges if applicable.

What is ENVI's SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

ENVI offers their customers comprehensive service level agreements with a 99.7% availability guarantee. Service level agreements include 24/7/365 escalation.

The ENVI SLA also provides a 4 hr. MTTR (Meant Time To Repair) service.

Our support team is here to answer any questions!

+1 (888) 515-ENVI (3684)